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Lumaglass Latest Completed Project - Sports Bar, The Casino at the Empire

The Casino at the Empire in London’s Leicester Square has opened a brand new sports bar inside the existing venue. This exciting new destination for sports fans has been launched in time for this summer’s colossal calendar of sporting events including the London Olympic Games.

In such a booming and historic time for sports in the city and with a country buzzing in anticipation ahead of the games, the casino’s new bar required a plush and exhilarating air fitting to the atmosphere its intention was to cultivate. For this purpose, main contractor Interface Contract Management commissioned Lumaglass™ to best create the desired effect.

Our cast wired sandblasted glass with aqua coloured lamps, is a prominent and recurring feature throughout the project. Our system is paired with sturdy dark wooden countertops, blending a new age look with traditional materials for a swish, trendy feel which retains its class and familiarity. In viewing areas the wooden effect is substituted for a solid black framework with integrated TV monitors mounted in front of the glass, giving out an electrifying air in keeping with the thrill and suspense generated by the sports theme. Incorporated in various innovative forms, the installations by Lumaglass™ create a consistent look and have a powerful influence on the overall feel enjoyed within the bar.

Sports Bar Lumaglass

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